As we wrap up another school year, we have just received news that the Pediatric View Program, run by Dr. Christine Roman is closing. (see Dr. Roman’s original blog post )

Many parents on this group have traveled to Pittsburgh for a diagnosis, evaluation, and immeasurable support from Dr. Christine Roman, the author of the CVI Range, the premier educational approach to evaluation and programming for children with CVI. Parents across the country, and literally around the world, have looked to Dr. Roman as a source of not only a valid and reliable evaluation for their children, but also as a source of educational support and, for many, deep friendships that have spanned the course of years.
I am asking anyone who has been touched by Dr. Christine Roman, either as a parent or as a professional through the students you work with, to consider writing letters, emails, or making phone calls (or all of the above) to the administrators of the West Penn Hospital, urging them to reconsider this action. Please include in your correspondence how Dr. Roman’s work has affected your child, and how valuable her expertise has been for you and your family, and your desire that The Pediatric View NOT be closed in August.
If you are an educator, please also tell them how important it has been for you to implement intentional interventions based on Dr. Roman’s CVI Range score, and how that has helped you to provide appropriate programming for the students with whom you work.
Here are the names and contact information.
Please call/write/email each of them:
1) Joseph Aracri, MD
Chair, Pediatric & Neonatal Associates
4800 Friendship Ave 3 West
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
2) Donald Whiting, MD
Allegheny General Hospital
Chair, Neurosurgery
320E. North Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
3) Brian Johnson, MD
President, West Penn Hospital
4800 Friendship Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
412-578-1172, or, 412-578-1176
As previously posted by MaryAnne Roberto, May 26, 2021
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