The replication study of the reliability of The CVI Range is in its preparation stage (Borchert, M. & Roman Lantzy, C.).  Grant funding was obtained from the Ingerman family to investigate whether the functional vision in children can be reliably quantified. The study will include 36 children, newly diagnosed with CVI, recruited from Dr. Borchert’s office.

In the study, The CVI Range will be conducted on site at L.A. Children’s Hospital. Video of the assessment will be re-scored by CVI Range Endorsed individuals; the results will be masked to all CVI Range evaluators throughout the process. Then, approximately one year later, a follow-up set of CVI Range scores will be obtained from the children originally recruited from Dr. Borchert’s practice. Again, results will be unknown to all of the evaluators.  CVI Range scores will also be compared to scores derived from the Visual Behavior Scale to examine potential correlations.  

It is expected that the results of this study will provide evidence regarding the reliability of The CVI Range.  The results of the 3-year study will be used to inform providers regarding the ability to use The CVI Range to quantify the level of functional vision in a diverse group of children who have CVI.

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