This year, the Pediatric Cortical Visual Impairment Society will hold virtual elections and confirmations using a secure online voting platform (Electionbuddy). PCVIS members will receive more details about the voting process soon.

The goal of the Board is to reflect the ideas and wishes of the voting membership and promote interdisciplinary collaboration. Therefore, we strive for our Board to mirror the membership makeup. The Board will strive to consist of at least:

  • Two eye care professionals (MD, DO, OD)
  • Two vision providers/therapists (TVI, OMI, SLP, OT, etc.)
  • Two parents

For those interested in running for Board positions, please see the following criteria and expectations:

1 The candidate must be in good standing with PCVIS and a current member

2 A brief synopsis as to what office they are running for (Board Member – Parent, Board Member – Vision Providers/Therapists, Board Member - Eye Care Professionals, Board Member- Other)

3 A picture of themselves – this allows the voters to put a name with a face

4 A biography – 250 words or less to give voters a brief insight into your background

5 In lieu of giving a five-minute speech, we are allowing each candidate to write a synopsis (500 words or fewer) about why they would like to be on the Board (to be posted on the website along with picture and bio)

There are five open Board positions this year for a four-year term. We strive to elect:

  • One parent
  • One eye care professional
  • Two current PCVIS members in good standing 
  • A *new* treasurer position is open for a member with a suitable background

Nicole Hooper has accepted the nomination as Vice President and the membership will be voting on her confirmation.

**Please have all info in by July 1, 2020**
Please forward to Cullen Waugh ([email protected]) and Lindsay Hillier ([email protected]) your picture, the position for which you're running, bio, and synopsis of why you are interested by July 1, 2020. This will be uploaded to the election secured platform for member voting.

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