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In the homes and classrooms of children with CVI, we often talk about salient features. Salient features are the defining elements that distinguishes one target or object from another (Roman-Lantzy). When using salient features with consistency, we highlight the distinct differences between objects, images, targets, and people, helping the individual with CVI to learn to recognize and interpret their visual world.

To know what is salient is to know what is most important. 

The Pediatric Cortical Visual Impairment Society (PCVIS) is working to promote the salient features of cortical visual impairment (CVI).  It is imperative that we all understand what is most important about the needs of children with CVI. 

Individuals with CVI need—

  • Early identification and diagnosis to get early intervention, which allows educational services and support for parents in their understanding that they have the capacity to help their child increase visual functioning. 
  • Intentional and systematic interventions and instructional methodologies that incorporate the 10 characteristics and are based on the CVI Range score. The educational approach for children with CVI is different from the approach for children with ocular visual impairments. Children with CVI have a right to every opportunity to improve their functional vision, so they can thrive and live their best life.
  • Knowledgeable teachers, providers, and therapists who understand the complexity of CVI and how to provide appropriate interventions, and know when it is time to reassess and readjust. Assessments and interventions must be rooted in CVI knowledge and pedagogy.

As a collective group, PCVIS will change the outlook for our children with CVI through awareness building and advocacy. 

I am so proud to be part of this group of dedicated and talented people.  We are doctors, parents, teachers, and therapists who are committed to addressing the salient features of CVI—working on what is most important.  

If you are new to CVI and all its complexity, join us and we will be a place of information, resources, and support.  

If you are a parent or professional that understands CVI and its salient features, join us. Together we can make a difference.


Lindsay Hillier,
President of PCVIS



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