At PCVIS we are committed to sharing resources and opportunities that support the continued learning of CVI. Last year Perkins eLearning launched a monthly webinar series focused on CVI: "With CVI as the leading cause of visual impairment in school-aged children in the U.S., we believe that TVI’s and other professionals would benefit from having a regular, educational forum to discuss the challenges of meeting the needs of this population." You can view all of the past webinars at the CVI for the TVI web page. This is such a rich resource for all providers working with children with CVI!

And... there is a new webinar on Monday, November 25 at 2:30 pm Eastern (EST). Matt Tietjen, TVI and leader in the field of CVI, will discuss CVI and Complexity. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Tietjen's "What's the Complexity?" Framework and how to create a visually accessible day for children with CVI. Check out our page on the "What's the Complexity?" Framework to get an introduction to this important and effective tool. We're so grateful to Matt Tietjen's work and commitment to changing the outlook for children with CVI!

CVI and Learning

Complexity Framework

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